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Make a wish - 28x35cm


Looking for the perfect gift for a new baby girl? Look no further than Love Paper Scissors' "Make a Wish" artwork!

This beautiful piece features a stunning paper butterfly dandelion, perfect for making all of your little one's dreams come true. Choose your colour scheme from our shimmering Japanese papers, this artwork is sure to be a hit with both parents and baby alike.

Imagine the joy and wonder that this lovely artwork will bring to the lucky little one who receives it. A whimsical addition to any nursery, it is sure to inspire dreams and spark the imagination.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, the 'Make a Wish' artwork is a heartfelt reminder to always believe in the power of your dreams. Order yours today and watch as it brings a smile to the face of your little one, day after day.

The artist will make sure your final design is all spaced nicely and looking gorgeous so please don’t worry if everything doesn’t look exact in your online design preview. 

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