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Baby Girls Butterfly Blessings - 28x35cm


These butterflies are symbols of hope, and new beginnings that you bring.  May they remind you of this day, and the love that we all sing.

Welcome to the world, little one, a precious child, a gift from above. On your christening day, we gather round, to share in your blessings, with joy abound.

Fluttering in the air so light, are butterflies, a magical sight. Symbols of transformation and new life, they bring hope and wonder to life.

This artwork is a treasure to behold, a framed display of butterflies so bold. Each one unique, crafted with care, to celebrate this moment, so rare.

With delicate wings and colours bright, these butterflies take flight.  Bringing love and beauty to your sight and filling your heart with delight.

May your life be like these butterflies, full of wonder, hope, and surprise. May you spread your wings and take flight and bring light to the world, day and night.

So on this special day we send, this gift of art, with love extend.  A reminder of your christening day and the butterflies that danced and played.

The artist will make sure your final design is all spaced nicely and looking gorgeous so please don't worry if everything doesn't look exact in your online design preview.

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